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Top Alcohol Dragster




Career Wins:


2022 Standings:

3rd National 

1st Regional - North Central Champion


Jasmine Salinas started racing at the age of 14 in the NHRA Junior Drag Racing Series. In 2018, she became licensed in both Super Comp and Top Alcohol Dragster. She made her National debut competing for her family’s race team, Scrappers Racing, at the 2019 NHRA Gatornationals, in Gainesville, FL. 


Jasmine has had the unique opportunity to be surrounded by some of the best coaches, mechanics and industry leaders in the class due to her father competing as a professional Top Fuel driver in the NHRA Camping World Series. With these resources at her fingertips, she is confident that she can continue to find success in all levels of racing. Jasmine is currently licensing in Top Fuel, the fastest accelerating cars on the planet and highest level of NHRA Drag Racing.


In 2022, Jasmine scored her first National Event win right back at Gainesville Raceway, exactly 1 year after surviving a harrowing over-the-wall crash at the very same track. She’d go on to win 3 more races that season, including tying for 2nd place on the National level and securing the North Central Regional Championship. 


This year Jasmine will continue to be driving full-time for her family’s race team, Scrappers Racing. Salinas will run the full 20-race Lucas Oil Series schedule in the seat of the No. 3 Top Alcohol Dragster. She will be in the best equipment and with the best team in the series, positioning her to compete for another Regional championship and a shot at the National Championship. 




At the age of 14, Jasmine began competing in the NHRA Junior Drag Racing league. Frequenting her local race tracks of Bakersfield and Sacramento, she and her 3 younger sisters began learning about the sport of Drag Racing and what it takes to compete. 

2017 - 2018





After focusing on pursuing her University degree, Jasmine returned to Drag Racing by working on her dad's Top Fuel team. She had the unique opportunity to learn about the mechanics behind the fastest accelerating cars on the planet, and was soon working as a Supercharger mechanic for her dad's team. Being able to work on the race cars gave her a unique perspective, and ultimately is what made her fall in love with the sport of Drag Racing. 

After licensing in Super Comp through Frank Hawley's School, she secured her license in Top Alcohol Dragster. It was at the 50th Anniversary of the Gatornationals that she made her National Debut in the Lucas Oil Series. This was also the first year that she was back racing at the track with her sister and father in over a decade. 

At the beginning of 2021, Jasmine survived a harrowing over-the-wall crash at the Gatornationals, but was able to bounce back and secure her first win only a few months later. Despite enduring a damaging crash, Jasmine was able to finish 6th in the National Standing and 2nd in her Region. 

In 2022, Jasmine had 8 Final Round appearances, 4 Wins, and 3 No. 1 Qualifier positions.

She would tie for 2nd in the National standings and also secure the North Central Regional Championship. 

In 2023, Jasmine is set to secure her license in Top Fuel Dragster, while simulatenously becoming the First Woman of Color to compete in the highest level of NHRA Drag Racing. 

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